Being good farmers we know that, in order to grow a good crop, you need to start by looking after the fields. It is fundamental to be able to choose the right seed as well as to know how to tend and to follow the life cycle of wheat. Because of this we offer to all partners our technicians and agronomists’ nonstop technical assistance.

Producing good quality crops is not enough: proper stocking and enhancing the product’s value are fundamental. With over 65 years of experience in doing this we are up to the task, also thanks to our stocking centres, which have a total capacity of 8,000 liquid tons.

Regarding procurements, we have business relationships with mills and pasta factories, partnerships with selected seed suppliers and commercial outlets for both organic and conventional cultivations.

At least until now this sector has been the mainstay of our group, so much that we have created a new Farmers’ Organisation called Granai di Toscana. In September 2014 it received the “OP” recognition from the Regione Toscana. This recognition groups similar companies, in order to gain bigger contractual power, a focused approach to planning and the chance to carry both technical and market research.

In order to improve the farmers’ profitability, associates get advice on different cultivation techniques, as well as on settlement proposals for the conferred product. All contracts also benefit from premiums added to the final sale prices, determined through the price lists set by AGER in Bologna. The premiums are related to the achievement of quality requirements demanded by the market.

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