The Cooperativa Agricola Pomonte was established alongside farmers, as it was born to provide a service to its partners and clients. This has been the case for years and it will be the same in the future, too.

The good reputation that our association managed to gain over the years is the result of winning choices and collaborations with the best suppliers on the market.

Our structures have a holistic approach:

We stock seeds, plants, fruit trees, compost, crop protection products, agricultural installations, irrigation supplies, agricultural gear, wine products and everything your farm needs.

Over time we also specialised in specific products and services for cow and sheep stables. We supply our clients with products suiting all their needs, as well as a cattle trade service.

In all our stores you can also find a vast range of products for the amateur gardener, outdoor clothing gear, household products, pet food and all you need for tending your garden and plants.

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