World War II had been over for only a few years and change was in the air for Italy and the Maremma, bringing in the 60s economic boom. It was during these times that in Pomonte, in the Grosseto province, the Cooperativa Agricola Pomonte was born.

It was actually established on 23rd January, 1953, in front of notary Nicola Ruffolo, assisted by Marcello Barbini di Domenico and Ferruccio Tenerini fu Pietro as witnesses. Mario di Tito represented Ente Maremma e Fucino, with a mandate conferred by Hon. Giuseppe Medici fu Agostino, then president of Ente Maremma.

The breeders were: Attilio Piccini fu Vincenzo, Pietro Bizzarri di Omero, Remigio Carlucci fu Pietro, Corradino Mantellassi di Gino, Andrea Raffaelli di Domenico, Egisto Rocchi fu Luigi, Giuseppe Pianelli fu Dante, Giuseppe Sgarbi fu Paolo, Giuseppe Lisandrelli, Erminio Simoni and Francesco Brutti fu Angelo (even if, in fairness, the Constitutional Act reads: “Britti”).

Over the years the main complex in Pomonte is enlarged and equipped with a modern grain storage facility, which also allows refrigeration of the crops. The first food store was opened at the end of the 90s. A new store was opened in 2006, focusing on local products, in particular beef and cured meats produced by us. This was done without neglecting the agricultural side of the operation, which is taken care of by a new multi store, offering partners the chance to find all the products they need.

A new store was opened in Scansano at the end of the 90s and another one in was launched 2001 in Santa Caterina (part of the municipality of Roccalbegna). The latter offers several types of products, including food. This strategy helped us offering all the services we could not provide all our associates because of distance issues. In 2008 we took over the management of the olive oil mill and the oil sale of the Torcular company in Manciano. After 3 years operating on these premises we opened a new olive oil mill, only a few steps from the operational centre in Pomonte.

Over the years our company structure evolved, along with the needs of our clients and partners, keeping up with the times by expanding management. This strategy established a solid and competitive company.

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