In the Tuscan Maremmaย olive harvesting starts in October.

A high number of labourers is needed to harvest the olives, for mechanical harvesting is rather challenging, being too harsh on the plants and on the land. This means that in November in every olive grove, from those owned by large olive oil producers to the ones belonging to small agriturismi, there are troves of of families, helped by friends and labourers. The harvest is still done by using the same simple techniques of the past: a lot of hard work, using baskets and tarps. But this also means picnics and dinners made of cold cuts, pecorino cheese and, obviously, a good amount of Morellino to quench the harvesters’ thirst.

The product obtained from the harvest and milling in November is very low in acidity and of very high quality. It has a characteristic fruity flavor, a pleasant final almond note, with a distinct presence of bitterness and spiciness.

If the harvesting and milling are conducted later on, the resulting olive oil is more delicate, characterised by sweeter and more well-balanced fruity notes.

The milling at our cooperative plant in Pomonte follows certified procedures, involving pre washing the raw material. This allows for cold oil extraction: the temperature inside the kneading machines never reaches 27 degrees, thus preserving the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The Cooperativa offers complimentary services in order to help the farmers, such as home collection, stocking of both olives and olive oil, bottling, packaging and sale.

(these services must be booked and are subject to availability)

During the opening times it is possible to book a visit to the olive oil mill, as well as tasting and buying its product on the spot!

Certified Olive Pressings

The Cooperativa Agricola Pomonte olive oil mill is licensed to grind organic olives. To meet strict national and international laws, during milling every batch is ground separately and then the oil undergoes further chemical analysis. Only after verifying that all the parameters have been met the oil is allowed to enter the production cycle. Finally, it is packaged with specific labels, authorised by the controlling body.

A similar scrupulous procedure of handling, selection and analysis is implemented for the olive milling of the Tuscan PGI olive oil. The Consortium for the protection of the Tuscan PGI extra virgin olive oil guarantees every bottle of this high quality product by rigorously checking the entire supply chain. It also conducts a careful chemical and sensory analysis, in accordance to its strict production regulations.

Interesting information about olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is considered the main element of the Mediterranean diet.

Benefits brought in by polyphenols are among its main features. This is a group of natural substances that have positive effects on the body. The polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil have antioxidant properties, which fight free radicals, thus slowing down cellular aging.

Furthermore, a regular extra virgin olive oil consumption reduces “bad” cholesterol, while increasing the “good” one. This helps keeping arteries clean.

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